Hosting a party for your child’s birthday is not an easy task. Though the concept focuses on fun and games, wise choices of food should also be included. Children normally are picky with food. They are difficult to feed, most especially if the fun is on. In this case, we should incorporate fun with eating, and fairy floss is one among the few that can help us out. Fairy floss is made from 99.9% sugar which can clearly give energy to the child making them alert and happy all throughout the party. Also, because fairy floss is mainly made up of glucose, it is for sure that children will not only have energy but will have presence of mind as well.

Fairy floss is commonly known as cotton candy, which is in a sugar spun form. This soft, fluffy and melts in your mouth food are commonly found in amusement parks and birthday parties. Kids and adults love to gobble up this food because it comes in a sweet taste. The exact consistency and appearance can be appreciated when it is made by a cotton candy machine. However, if you do not own one, you can still make fairy floss at home. There are two ways on how to make a cotton candy, and these are by hand spun and hand pull. But no matter what method you use, it will still give you the right outcome. First and foremost, gather all the necessary equipments and ingredients before starting to not waste time. Though it is theoretically difficult to do it for the first time, yet it can be done by utilizing the following steps.

The ingredients usually are water, corn syrup, sugar and salt. Combine the ingredients in a sauce pan. Wait and observe until the sugar is melted but also wipe down the side of the pan to make sure that there will be no formation of sugar crystals. Check if it has already reached 160 degrees temperature and remove from heat.  Pour the mixture into a container and then add up a tinge of your choice of food coloring. Afterwards, get a piece of parchment and place it over a plate. Using a decapitated whisk, dip it onto the solution and then wipe it onto the parchment in a back and forth swing motion until you have the best consistency. Get a lollipop stick and twirl it over, then serve. The Hand pull method is almost the same as the hand spun. It is just that you are going to add on some corn starch onto the solution to make it elastic and ready to be pulled.  Looking for a healthy vending machines in Perth? So you can contact SVA Vending.

Fairy floss brings fun and excitement, most especially when done at home. This can be a form of good bonding between you and your kids because they can help you out in creating this colorful piece of food. Extra caution should still be observed because cooking and heat are part of the task. Also, doing cotton candies at home for parties and events can help you save some money as compared from hiring a fairy floss machine. This fun and delicious snack does not only bring you enjoyment, but can also give your kids knowledge on how to make one.

How to Achieve Fun with Fairy Floss

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