With the introduction of democracy and freedom of speech, everyone becomes entitled to their opinion. Even the lowest ranking officer can express his opinion freely without being discriminated or penalized. The concept of democracy is very much accepted which is why when its core is being threatened people have the tendency to react in unimaginable scales. Democracy has brought people of different races, values and cultural practices together building relationships with acceptance at its very foundation.


Expressing one’s opinion freely without fear of being judged or discriminated is the essence of democracy. For one to exercise this right, there must be no inhibition in expressing your opinions and your say on the issues that are affecting you every day. There are however some people who find it difficult to express themselves in words. Some people may have very strong opinions and takes on relevant issues but remain silent because they are simply not good with words.

Allowing people to remain in silence for their inability to express themselves either verbally or in writing is how you kill democracy. There are many mediums of communication that can be utilized for your opinion to be heard. If you are not so comfortable in saying it or writing it down so others can read it, or you simply want to strengthen your expression with something else, there are a variety of ways that you can do this.

One of the most effective ways to express your opinion without the use of words is through your sense of fashion. One example is people wear pink clothes during the celebration of the cancer awareness week. The color pink expresses their support and faith in this cause. If you want to take a level higher, you can opt to have your shirts and your clothes customized. Designing your clothes allows you artistic freedom to create a fashion statement that represents your core. See Design t-shirts

Expressing your views and opinions on every single issue will have you end up being disliked by other people, but keeping it totally shut will also lead you to be depressed and lonely. Everyone needs to be accepted and affirmed for who they are and to feel connected with people who share the same views and sentiments with them. Human needs extend far deeper than the biological necessities consumed every day. Beneath the surface, humans also need to have their opinions expressed and recognized.

Expressing your Opinion Without Words

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