Julie & Jackie offers services that range from International transportation forwarding and logistics consulting. Julie & Jackie also proposes door-to-door delivery with a strong network of selected partners across the globe.

Julie & Jackie combines deep industry understanding and analysis to help surface companies develop and start innovative business strategies that are a focus on growth. Our diverse variety of services includes a number of solutions:


  • Market and Competitive Reviews – This involves the analysis of primary market drivers as well as the assessment of size, growth rate and interest in the market. We document the competition review and performance to help us find new revenue opportunity.
  • Commercial and Pricing Strategy – This includes developing fares policy and ticketing advice as well as the assessment of growth opportunity. Julie & Jackie involves the research of customer trade-off in the willingness to pay and price elasticity.
  • Commercial Due Diligence – We evaluate the end market and assess the position of the competition. This includes a detailed investment thesis.
  • Concession Bid Development – This service includes developing a pricing strategy, risk analysis, profit margin recommendations and research on customers’ preferences.
  • Business Plan Development – This service includes business model development, review of market dynamics, and assessment of market demand.
  • Dispute Resolution – This includes the evaluation of short and long-term revenue loss. We study the expert claim quantification and submission preparation.
  • Cost Benchmarking – This service includes the cost analysis of raw units, production of normalized unit costs, and recommendations to reduce cost.
  • Commercialization & Privatization Support – This service develops the contractual structure to optimize risk allocation and create an incentive structure.
  • Policy Development – We assess the value delivered by policy objects as well as bring advice on new policies that are required to meet objectives.
  • Performance Improvement – This service offers daily support for business to increase performance and improvements.
  • Major Project Support –This service provides technical preparation, bid evaluation and aid in negotiation as well as develops strategies for procurement.

In addition to serving our Gas & Oil customers, Julie & Jackie also offers excellent service to other project-based industries such as construction and mining.