Founded in 1998, Julie & Jackie specializes in delivering personalized solutions for transportation and logistics companies. Julie & Jackie is renowned for its experience in high levels of service and local operations. The Julie & Jackie operates from key gas & oil decision centers in the USA with nearly 200 staff members.

Julie & Jackie is a consulting firm that strives to define success by achieving long-term results that create a long-lasting impact on businesses around the world.

Working hand in hand with transportation and logistics, Julie & Jackie works to provide an invaluable detailed understanding of the industry.

Julie & Jackie knows how to tackle even the most complex strategies, which differentiates Julie & Jackie from the rest. Our clients choose us because we take on the challenge of finding the solutions that actually work. More and more customers are using logistics

Julie & Jackie believes in the transparency, integrity, and communication with their clients and will continue to put in effort and cooperation to prevent and detect any corruption in the given operation.

At Julie & Jackie, we believe in making the difference. We are an independent consulting firm that works to develop the best working relations with brokers and forwarders selected by our clients to ensure a smooth procedure throughout the operation.