Metals make up most of the elements on the periodic table. They include all of the elements on the left of the periodic table, transitioning into metalloids and nonmetals. A good number of these elements are very rare. In fact, what might seem like merely different metallic elements have turned out to be some of the rarest and most sought after metals in the world.
Here are the four rarest metals in the world; so rare that their prices have become so exorbitant, making them to rank among the top most expensive metals in the world. Attard Engineering provides complete Metal fabrication in Adelaide.


This is a silvery white metal that is rather brittle. It’s found associated with osmium the densest metal known as the alloy “iridosmium” or “osmiridium”. Iridium also mixes with platinum and that’s typically the state when it’s at its most workable form. Mostly, this metal can be found in meteorite or comet crash sites. This is probably the reason why most people think Iridium is only found in plenty out there in space, but that is not exactly true. There’s plenty of iridium on earth as well, but it found in depths that are virtually impossible for people to mine.


This is another extremely rare metal that is considered to be the world’s most precious metal. It has been exchange traded and in 2008 traded as high as $10,000 USD per ounce – which made it the most expensive metal in the world. But its price performance has been very volatile since then. Like Iridium, Rhodium is silvery-white but hard and durable metal with a high reflectance. It doesn’t form an oxide, even when heated. It is used to harden platinum and palladium alloys to make highly resistant electrical contracts as well as plating metal. Rhodium is usually purchased as a powder, bars or coins.


Rhenium is one of the rarest and most expensive metals. It is obtained as a by-product of copper and molybdenum ore’s extraction and refinement, and has the third highest melting point and highest boiling point of any metal. Because of its high melting point, it’s primarily used in nickel-based alloys that are utilized in the manufacture of turbine blades, combustion chambers, and exhaust nozzles of military jet and rocket engines. This makes Rhenium to be of critical strategic military importance and one of the most valuable metals.


Gold always makes list of the rarest and most precious metals. This is not surprising given its low availability relative to demand. The estimated total volume of gold mined in human history is 165,000 tons, which could fit in a cube roughly 20.5m a side or fill about 3.5 Olympic size swimming pools. It’s therefore easy to see why this bright-yellow, soft, malleable, dense and highly ductile metal is so rare.

4 Most Rare Metals in the World

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